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Matlab Web App: Blank page when selecting a specific app

Asked by Nickolas LaSorte on 4 May 2018
Latest activity Answered by faruto
on 28 Dec 2018
Running Windows 10 (on a Mac with dual boot) and Matlab2018a. Matlab Runtime 2018a is installed.
I have created a very simple Matlab app and it runs: Create a simple App
I have deployed that app as a web app: Create and Deploy a Web App
I have configured my Matlab Web App server with the default settings (Port Number 9988, Service Registration using a default account): Configure MATLAB Web App Server
I have copied example_web_app.ctf to the Matlab Web App Folder.
I then added the Matlab Web Apps Home Page as a "Trusted Site" in Control Panels.
I opened up the Home Page (in Google Chrome) for the Matlab Web Apps and see the example_web_app with the corresponding screenshot of it.
I clicked on the example_web_app link and it takes me to new webpage. The webpage only shows "MATLAB Web Apps". The example_web_app does not appear on the page.
The log shows:
Log: New session request for "example_web_app"
Log: Session for "example_web_app" created successfully
If I go back to "Home" and click "Diagnostics": example_web_app: Status: (Green Check Mark), Message: OK.
When I click on the i in the circle in Google Chrome, "Your Connection to this site is not secure".
Any thoughts why the example_web_app is not loading? I assume it might have something to do with Chrome and that the website is not https.

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Hello Nick,
Can you please try running the sample application using IE 11? This will give us a better understanding if chrome is causing the issue or not.
Also some of the functionality is not supported on the Web Apps, so please take a look at this link(if you have not done it yet.)

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1 Answer

Answer by faruto
on 28 Dec 2018

follow. run into the same problem.


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