How to stop the UIJ errors?

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Joel on 31 May 2012
In the last year of so I get a lot of errors like this: "UIJ_AreThereWindowShowsPending - timeout waiting for window to show up" when I am trying to display figures.
Here is some background on the problem. (1) I am running Matlab 2010b at home and 2011a in my office and have seen it in both places. (2) Is this a windows 7 issue? I run that OS but I use the 32 bit version. (3) Most of my code runs in a loop where I aquire some data from hardware (cameras, other instruments) and update a figure frequently. (4) I only have a single figure open at at time
I'd like to know if there is an official fix for this. Right now I have to litter my code with try catch statements to work around the issue. Experimented with changing the amount of memory for the "Java Heap". Whatever that is. Results inconclusive so far
Thanks, Joel

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