load being 3x faster than importdata

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Paramonte on 10 May 2018
Answered: Jan on 10 May 2018
We want to load big mat files (about 4gb) tried:
tic; ee1=load('my_big_fat_file.mat'); t1=toc
tic; ee2=importdata('my_big_fat_file.mat'); t2=toc
t2= 262.3173
comments please. thanks
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Adam on 10 May 2018
Not sure why you would use importdata for mat files. importdata works for various more complicated formats so I imagine does some checks and things un-necessary for a MAT file that load is designed to read in. The data in a mat file would be loaded in in exactly the format it was stored (e.g. class object, array, struct) so doesn't require any interpretation as reading from a non-Matlab format may.

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Jan on 10 May 2018
As you see load is faster than importdata for a MAT files. To save time and energy use load.

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