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Finding the maximum and minimum of a function

Asked by Bilal Maarouf on 18 May 2018
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on 18 May 2018
Hello, How can I find the minimum and maximum of a function similar to this one T=(((x(1)*x(2))/(x(3)*8))*(x(6)^x(7)))+x(4)+x(5). Thank you.


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Each x is a different variable. i.e. x is not a vector.
Without further restrictions on x(1),...,x(6), the maximum of your function is +Inf and the minimum is -Inf.
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So T is a function of 5 independent variables?
Your particular function is not bounded. If you set x(2:5) to 1, then the limit of your function is ∞ when x(1) goes to ∞ and -∞ when x(1) goes to -∞.
If you are asking how to find the global minimum and maximum of an arbitrary function, then this is not something that matlab can do. In fact, it's not something that anybody knows how to do generically.

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