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I would like to know how to assign a value (phaseof signal) to a X Y coordinate and do a mesh with to see it in a mesh (plot)

Asked by Jordi Miro on 18 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Jordi Miro on 18 May 2018
Well, i will show you an example: I have a set of values, azimuth and elevation, where every point has a value (GPS phase signal) assigned. Ex: Az=23 and Elev=57 (degrees) where the Phase of the signal on this point is Phase_error=1.2. And i have 170 samples like the example above -> (170 values of Az, Elev and Phase_error). The problem is that, I don't know how to create the matrix X, Y and Phase_error value to create a mesh, interpolate those values and get a logical result... it isn't within my reach.


The target is to get a colormap with the values of the image (using for example mesh function or surf). The value above the red dot is the ID of the satellite and the value above the ID is the phase error that i would like to interpolate with the others values of phase error.

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