How to avoid mnrfit errors (line 117) and eps?

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Sina Famili
Sina Famili on 21 May 2018
Answered: Benjamin Brennan on 24 Oct 2018
I defined my predictor variables and response one. When I want to do a multinomial regression fit (mnrfit), I face these error:
Error using eps Class must be 'single' or 'double'.
Error in mnrfit (line 117) tolpos = eps(class(x))^(3/4);
What should I do?

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 May 2018
What is class() of the first parameter you passed into mnrfit() ? If it was logical() then you will need to pass in double() of the variable.
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Sina Famili
Sina Famili on 21 May 2018
The class was Categorical. I just changed it to Numbers (double), still the same problem.

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Benjamin Brennan
Benjamin Brennan on 24 Oct 2018
Why is all the advice on this problem awful? The X variables I'm passing to mnrfit is a matrix of nothing but doubles. The Y variable is categorical, which is exactly what the Matlab documentation on the function says it should be.





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