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Why does MarkerFaceColor in Figure look like crinkled aluminum foil rather than a single color?

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george. holzwarth
george. holzwarth on 24 May 2018
Answered: george. holzwarth on 29 May 2018
Attached is a Figure with 40-50 data points showing the value of D at specific values of x and y. MarkerSize and MarkerFaceColor are controlled by two LUT's so that small values of D give small spots colored blue and large values of D have large spots colored red. Until recently, the code behaved as expected, each marker having one color. Now the markers have weird radial streaks ("crinkles"). Any suggestions on where the crinkles in MarkerFaceColor might be coming from? The colormap is 'jet', but changing the colormap did not solve the problem. Thank you for your help.


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 May 2018
I think they look find in the PDF, don't they? Is that the same as what's in the .fig. I didn't open the .fig file - too many steps required to see it -- post a PNG image if it's different than the PDF.
This is what I see with Windows 10 and R2018a:
george. holzwarth
george. holzwarth on 29 May 2018
Thanks, Image Analyst and Greg, for your suggestions. Greg's suggestion to look at openGL issues was on target. I found a Matlab memo "Resolving Low-Level Graphics Issues" to be helpful on details on how to change from the original setting (hardware-accelerated OpenGL) to Basic hardware-accelerated OpenGL. Upgrading graphics driver was not needed. Perhaps R2018a reset this from its previous setting in R2017a on this computer. GH

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george. holzwarth
george. holzwarth on 29 May 2018
Problem was solved by changing the OpenGL Implementation from "Hardware-accelerated OpenGL" to "Basic hardware-accelerated OpenGL". Glen suggested looking into this topic. See Matlab website memo "Resolving Low-Level Graphics Issues" for details on how to make the switch. GH


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