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How to open my graphs that are saved in a graphic array handle?

Asked by Zoe
on 29 May 2018
Latest activity Edited by Jan
on 29 May 2018
Hello, I have a 1*9 graphics array, called G. How can I access the graphics saved inside of it? I have tried get, imread, imshow, show, disp, get, and so on. None of them works. Please help. Thank you!

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You did not tell us, what a "graphic array" is. How do you "save" graphics inside it and what exactly are the "graphics" you are talking of? Please do not mention roughly some command, which "did not work", but post the code and the corresponding error message.
get, imread, show, disp are such different commands, that it sounds like a gunshot programming technique to try them. This is not a reliable way to write code.

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