having a 2 months timetable with 10 minute data points, is it possible to extract first half of each day using subscripting?

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having a timetable, one can do sub-scripting once on the hole interval. can one take a sub-script of the daily data of such a timetable, and save it in another timetable?

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 30 May 2018
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 30 May 2018
Yes, you can use subscript in MATLAB timetable class, similar to subscript in a MATRIX. For example to get the first half of the timetable you can use subscript like this
TT(1:end/2, :)
The exact detail of which subscript to use depends on the values you want to extract.
Edit: the updated answer according to your dataset is
TT_hours = hour(TT.Time);
index = d_hours <= 10 & d_hours >= 8;
TT_new = TT(index,:)
This will extract rows in which the hour is between 8 and 10.
Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins on 4 Jun 2018
Nothing wrong with Ameer's answer, but you might also try out
tr = timerange(hours(8),hours(10),'closed')
TTnew = TT(tr,:)

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Andy on 30 May 2018
that's the Pandas equivalent:


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