Why doesn't Simulink run in rapid accelerator mode when I make minor changes in my model?

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swenia on 31 May 2018
Commented: Daniel Sadono on 23 Sep 2021
I have a Simulink model consisting of some built-in blocks for 3 electric drives (battery, inverter, ac motor). The simulation takes a lot of time to run, so I'd like to use the rapid accelerator. The problem is that rapid accelerator works fine for one run, and then when I make minor changes such as commenting out a scope or changing some frequency in a block or changing the sample time step in my discrete powergui, it just won't work. I've tried this on two different computers and couldn't find out why this keeps happening. It doesn't happen all the time, but most of the time. It seems to be very random. A change that wouldn't work with the rapid accelerator mode yesterday works today. How can I solve this problem?
I'm on Matlab 2018a. Here is the error message:
### Build procedure for model: 'modelA' aborted due to an error. Failed to build model 'modelA' using LCC in rapid accelerator mode, please consider using a different compiler instead. For details on supported compiler versions, see
http://www.mathworks.com/support/compilers/current_release Caused by: Error(s) encountered while building "modelA"

Accepted Answer

Swati Lodha
Swati Lodha on 5 Jun 2018
It seems like a compiler issue. Do the following:
1. MEX setup using the following command in MATLAB command window:
>> mex -setup
2. Install MinGW64 for Windows(for MATLAB18a) and set the correct path.
3. In Model Configuration Parameters dialog box, ensure that default option " Automatically locate an installed toolchain" is selected for Code Generation ->Toolchain under Toolchain settings.
Daniel Sadono
Daniel Sadono on 23 Sep 2021
@swenia have you solved the problem? I encountered the same problem, though I already installed MINGW64, it didn't work as well @Swati Lodha

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