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How can I avoid rebuilding my model each time I run a Simulink Test Real-Time test case?

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I am trying to run Real-Time tests using Simulink Test and Simulink Real-Time (with Speedgoat hardware).
The issue is that I sometimes wants to run the same test multiple times, but this is taking a very long time to do. I think this is because the model rebuilds (at least partially) and is re-deployed to the hardware each time the test is run. I have verified that the MLDATX file that is deployed to the target computer is rebuilt with each run of the test. However, the source code, MEX files, etc. of the model are NOT rebuilt with each run, so it's not quite a "full" rebuild. I also tried having multiple copies of the same test case within one test suite, and the MLDATX file was still rebuilding for each test case.
Here are reproduction steps:
1) Connect to & configure an SLRT target machine
2) Open the Test Manager and create a real-time Test Case 
3) Open the demo model that is tested with the following command: >> sltestProjectorController
4) In the Test Manager, go to the Test Case and select the correct target machine
5) Run the test once. It takes some time (~1 min on my machine) because all source code and MEX files are generated.
6) Run the test again. Note that it's faster than the first run (~30 seconds on my machine), but the model says "Building..." and the MLDATX file is re-generated even though nothing was changed in the model.
Note that for this example, the model builds and runs fairly quickly, but for my real model, it takes about 10 minutes to build & run.
So the question is: is there a way to prevent the model from re-building and re-deploying if it is already loaded on the target hardware? Or, is there any other way to speed up multiple runs of the test?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 11 Jun 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 11 Jun 2021
I have 2 workarounds for you that should allow you to avoid re-building.
1) Change "System Under Test"
If you just want to to define several test cases using the same exact model which will not change afterwards, in "System Under Test" you can use one of the following options under "Load Application From":
'Target application': specify the real-time mldatx file instead of the model, the mldatx file will be loaded to the target at the beginning of the test case if not already loaded 
'Target computer': specify target name on which the real-time application is already loaded
2) Use iterations 
If you want to define several test cases using the same model and wants to sweep parameters between test cases, you can use iterations to achieve this. Only the first iteration will trigger a build and load; all subsequent iterations will sweep parameters and start execution on the target directly. For more information on creating iterations, you can refer to the following example:
Also, note that iterations can also be defined when specifying 'load application from' to 'Target application' or 'Target computer.

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