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Extracting a file path from a .txt file

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Camille Couzi
Camille Couzi on 12 Jun 2018
Commented: Camille Couzi on 16 Jan 2020
Hi, I want to build a script that is able to retrieve information from a text file that has a specific format. I have simplified a lot what's below so everyone can understand my problem, which is pretty basic. This is a sample of such file, stored as "mytestfile.txt':
% Your inputs start after the line.
% ---------------------------------------------
% Raw data full path folder:
InputFolder C:\Users\Cami\Documents\Processing Tool\Test Folder - Trial 1
% Distance from seabed to transducer head (in meters)
instrument_nominal_height 0.9
So I have started to write a code that reads this text file:
for p=1:length(A)
if test~=0
[a,result.InputFolder]=strread(char(A(p)),'%s %s');
clear a
if test~=0
[a,result.instrument_nominal_height]=strread(char(A(p)),'%s %f');
clear a
result.instrument_nominal_height works fine, it picks up 0.9 as a float. But I am having trouble with result.InputFolder because the string has spaces and a "-". I get this:
result =
struct with fields:
InputFolder: {5×1 cell}
instrument_nominal_height: 0.900000000000000
>> result.InputFolder
ans =
3×1 cell array
Do you have a better method to do this? I can't change the paths of the folders where my text files will be stored, as this is part of my company's drive.
Thanks doe your help! Cheers, Cami.
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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick on 12 Jun 2018
@Camille Couzi: please upload a sample data file by clicking the paperclip button.

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Answers (2)

Alfonso on 12 Jun 2018
Edited: Alfonso on 12 Jun 2018
Attending to the title of your question, in order to extract the full path filename of a file:
% Select the file you want to open %
defaultFileName = fullfile(cd, '*.*');
[baseFileName, folder] = uigetfile(defaultFileName, 'Select file');
if baseFileName == 0
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, baseFileName); % Full path filename
if ~exist(fullFileName, 'file')
fullFileName = baseFileName;
if ~exist(fullFileName, 'file')
fullFileName is the full path of the selected file.
Camille Couzi
Camille Couzi on 16 Jan 2020
Sorry kc,
This was quite some time ago, in a different job and I don't remember what solution I used. Good luck!

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Paolo on 12 Jun 2018
Edited: Paolo on 12 Jun 2018
You can use regexp to match the path in your .txt file.
corr = fileread('mytestfile.txt');
path =
{'C:\Users\Cami\Documents\Processing Tool\Test Folder - Trial 1'}
Paolo on 13 Jun 2018
You are welcome, if it solved the problem you can accept the answer.

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