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Is it possible to view a three-dimensional variable in a grid with guide numbers (as with two-dimensional arrays)?

Asked by Jonacchio on 14 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Jonacchio on 15 Jun 2018
Accepted Answer by KSSV
When viewing three-dimensional variables in Matlab, there are no grid lines and guide numbers in the margins as there are with two-dimensional arrays. This makes it difficult to copy and paste the values into other programs, and refer to specific rows and columns. Is there a setting that will allow me to change this?
I have attached two screenshots showing the difference in the way the two types of arrays are displayed.


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1 Answer

Answer by KSSV
on 15 Jun 2018
Edited by KSSV
on 15 Jun 2018
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You take out the array you want and see.
A = rand(100,100,100) ; % you cannot see here margin numbers
T = A(:,:,7) ; % Now T is 2D you can see margins here.
Still, I am wondering..why you want margin numbers. :|

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Thanks! This is a easy workaround.
When scoring data, I use the margin numbers to check my code against the raw data.

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