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How can I configure NI CVS-1450 in Matlab

Asked by Leandro Tognon on 14 Jun 2018
Hi everyone,
I am using a NI CVS-1450 (Compact Vision System from National Instruments) with 2 Basler Cameras (firewire), to do a vision system for a robot (bin picking), as my master degree final work.
I am working with Matlab, but can't figure out how to see the image from cameras on Matlab. I need that to run a code that take snapshots whenever I decide (in the code). I mean, I did a test with IP cams (D-link cameras), and used ipcam to recognize the cameras, and I could create the objects and preview/snapshot what the cameras was seeing. But in my actual scenario, my cams (Basler) are connected to CVS-1450 (National Instruments), and CVS is connected in my laptop with a crossover cable (network cable). I am able to see and setup the CVS system through the MAX application (National Instruments software), so I know that it is working, but I don't know how to read this system with Matlab, which command I have to use, or what can I do to see the image through Matlab.
Please, if someone can help me, I will be thankfull forever.


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