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How original MATLAB toolboxes are developed ?!

Asked by Jalil Sharafi on 15 Jun 2018
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on 22 Jun 2018
I have two questions, one is specific about the Neural Network toolbox and one is a bit more general. First, I would like to know what language was used to produce that toolbox? The reason I am keen on this is that it generally seems to be running really smoothly and fast. This is more about how its GUI is performing, rather than any specific application of the toolbox. So this brings me to my more general question: How can I make a toolbox that runs as smoothly as original MATLAB toolboxes like Neural Network toolbox - I am familiar with GUIDE and used that for several project already - I am also aware of different ways to improve GUI speed by using profiler- but yet the MATLAB original toolboxes seem to perform on a different level in terms of smoothness - Are they using C,C++ or Java to get that level of performance? I am really keen on this and any help is appreciated.


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Thank you for your reply. It is a clever idea to look inside the codes - I am going to start with that.
@Jalil Sharafi: you can certainly look, but do not edit them unless you want to make lots of problems for yourself. If you want to experiment with them, first make a copy in your own user directory.
I was not going to, But thanks!

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 15 Jun 2018

Most functions in MATLAB are written in Java, C++, or MATLAB. To create your own toolbox, see the official documentation

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Jalil, so are all your questions answered now? I can't really tell from your comments above. If you have anymore, just ask.

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