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Smooth or filter too noisy data in simulink

Asked by Payam
on 19 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Aquatris
on 19 Jun 2018
Hi I have a control model in simulink. I use a feedback controller where states are estimated using a observer. All states are observed with good accuracy however they are not so smooth. One of those states needs to go to controller and get derivatrd du/dt. But this derivation is very very noisy and it is of course because of the noisy estimated signal. It is a time serie and I need to smooth/filter the data so that the derivation start making sense. It totally ruins my controller. Is there any way to perform such a thing? I don't think that using smoothdata is an option since the filtering should occure during the simulation. Thanks in advance

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Do you add noise to your "measurements" in your simulation? If so, just add a simple low pass filter or butterworth filter before feeding the "measurement" signal to your observer. If you do not add noise to your system, than your observer might not be designed correctly.

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