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Matlab script question(quick)

Asked by Eugene
on 11 Jun 2012

Say that I have a script.m file and within that file there are functions with different variables.

And then I have a txt file with a matrix of numbers that I would like to plug into those variables in the m file, how would I got about doing this?

I have columns of the matrix assigned to different variables, however I have no idea how to get the script.m file to communicate with the txt file so that it can do it's "plug-and-chugging".

Thank you for your time!


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Jun 2012

It is not possible to have functions inside a script file. Functions can only go inside function files.

To read values from a file, use load() or importdata() or uiimport() or csvread() or xlsread() or dlmread() or textscan() or the basic I/O functions such as fgetl() and fscanf().

There are lot of examples around of passing variables into functions. See


Opps! Take for example my script.m file has "A + B", and I have a txt file that has two columns with x rows. I have assigned one of those columns as A, and another as B.

My question is how do I run the script.m file so that it uses those A and B values from the txt file? The only message I seem to get is that I have undefined variables for A and B, when I have already assigned them as such.

Your description appears to be contradictory. If you have assigned values to A and B, then those values will be available to any script you run.

I suspect you are using functions rather than scripts. Please read

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