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To Enter a Value in a Formulate

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Murat Kocaman
Murat Kocaman on 29 Jun 2018
Answered: jonas on 29 Jun 2018
I have a formulate and use seperate value for each calculation. I would like to enter the value manually.
An example:
formulate = 3*pi*r^2*4*T
Here I want to enter T value manually for each calculation.
Which code example should I use for this ?


jonas on 29 Jun 2018
You mean that you want the script to stop and ask for user input?

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Accepted Answer

jonas on 29 Jun 2018
There are some different options. If you want to enter the value in the command window:
T = input('Enter value of T')
or if you want a dialog box:
V = inputdlg('Enter value of T')
T = str2num(V{1})


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