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The problem of establishing serial communication between launchxl-28069m & my host computer

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mohammad farahani
mohammad farahani on 30 Jun 2018
I want to make serial communication between pc and luanchxl-f28069m; COM port is related to serial communication is 2;
I've used "sci Transmit" block inside model on the Mcu and "SCI Recieve" block and "host serial" block in my host computer. But the following Error is occured while making connection:
"Error evaluating registered method 'Start' of MATLAB S-Function 'c2000hostsci_setup' in 'test4_28069_internalserial/SCI Setup1'. The following is the MATLAB call stack (file names and line numbers) that produced this error: ['C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2018a\toolbox\target\extensions\processor\shared\ti\blks\masks\c2000hostsci_setup.m'] [128] Caused by: Host SCI Transmit or Receive blocks can not be found."
Then used "Serial Recieve and "Serial configuration" blocks of DSP system toolbox in my host computer. But when I want to insert com port address related to serial communication in "serial configuration", the following error is occured:
''error occurred when evaluating apply callback''. What' the reason? Please guide me.
I made serial communication between my host computer and ezdsp28335 easily, but I have some problem with luanchxl-f28069.Also, I run external serial mode with no prolem.

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