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Reassignment of structure values

Asked by Russell Arnott on 1 Jul 2018
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on 1 Jul 2018
Hello! Having trouble with structure arrays! I have a large (150Mb) structure of the format ADV.Day.M.Pos.Depth All values are numerical. I need to remove certain values and have identified the ones i don't want in as an index. All i want to do is crop these values so have written a for loop in the vain of
G (index)=[]
But now i want to replace the original data but it keeps coming up with ' Expected one output from a curly brace or dot indexing expression but there were 9 results". Could you please help me out with the syntax? I've been playing with structfun and num2cell but to no avail...

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on 1 Jul 2018
Please post your code.

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