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How to group a collection of values in a vector?

Asked by Paul Torres on 11 Jul 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Paul Torres on 17 Jul 2018
I have a data set that is made up of measurements done every 6 hours over the course of a year. So that is 1460 for an ordinary year and 1464 for a leap year. I am having trouble grouping them so that the values of each 4x6 hour group is averaged into a day.
Each year is a vector.


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Answer by Rik Wisselink on 11 Jul 2018
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There are a myriad of way to do this, one of them should be the code below.
data=1:12;%example data
data=reshape(data,4,[]);%reshape so each day is a column (hence 4 rows)


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No, this solved the problem perfectly without me having to go through the trouble of creating a for loop. Thank you

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