Extract word matrix and context matrix from output of trainWordEmbedding / word2vec

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When I use trainWordEmbedding on a set of documents to train a word embedding that I can then use word2vec with, I get an object "emb" as output that I can input into word2vec. Using word2vec I then get, for each word, the vectors that I can then further process.
However, I would like to also receive as output the underlying word matrix and context matrix (as well as the value of the loss of the training). Does anyone know how I can access these data?
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Christopher Creutzig
Christopher Creutzig on 26 Nov 2018
What exactly do you mean by “word matrix” and “context matrix”?
I guess the “context matrix” is what (some) other people call the cooccurrence matrix in the skip-gram model? We do not currently have a way to compute that.

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