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I need Help to execute algoritjms given in the attached file.How can I apply H265,H264,H263 and compare their Results?

Asked by Mohammad Azhar on 14 Jul 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 17 Jul 2018
All the algorithms are given in the attached file.

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Answer by Dinesh Iyer on 17 Jul 2018
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You cant apply these kinds of compression to a video file in MATLAB. VideoWriter supports writing to H.264 encoded MP4 files. You can adjust the quality setting. Thats it!

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You can apply those kinds of compression in MATLAB -- you just cannot use VideoWriter to do so.
Writing H.264 or related code as MATLAB source is a bit long and tedious, and it is usually much easier to find external libraries that do the work.

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