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refline - logaritmic/linear scale

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susana on 18 Jul 2018
Commented: susana on 8 Aug 2018
Hi, I'm building a GUI that usually has tracks that have a linear scale, but I give the option for the user to change to log scale if he wants. My problem is that it is possible to add horizontal lines too, but when I switch to XScale=='log', I loose these lines.. I'm using refline function for this purpose:
Can anyone help? Best regards


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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 26 Jul 2018
susana - are the lines actually lost or are they still on the axes but in their original location which, given the change to the scale, creates the illusion that they are lost?
susana on 8 Aug 2018
Hi Geoff, Very good point.. I did the assignin function to see what the axes is holding and it seems that the created line is not being store in the axes children.. I tried to set the following when I created the line: set(h,'Parent',axes) but still it wont save anyway.. The odd thing is that I also have a text above the line, which is being hold by the axes, but not the line
susana on 8 Aug 2018
I though that maybe it is a bug in hline function. If I use refline the line is being stored in the axes.. I still have a "display" problem of the line.. because now, it exists in the children of the axes, but it is not displayed when i change the scale.. Any ideas?

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