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Plot trajectories on a contour map

Asked by C G
on 20 Jul 2018
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on 20 Jul 2018
I am wanting to do a few different things.
Is there a way that I can plot a trajectory over the contour map of Antarctica and have it centered on a specific location, set by Lat, Long?
I can call up a lima map fairly and plot my trajectories fairly easily. I can't seem to be able to do this on a contour map, which would make my tracks a little more interesting. I can't even seem to focus it on a specific location.
For a more advanced trick, is there a way to plot my tracks in 3D over something like a surface bedrock map? I have lat, long, and altitude all along the tracks.
Is there a way to do these things using the Antarctic Mapping tools?


on 20 Jul 2018
YOu can very much do it..
on 20 Jul 2018
Examples? To which part are you referring? Here is the code for the contour map.
[lat,lon,sfz] = bedmap2_data('sfz','res','5 km');
cb = colorbar;
ylabel(cb,'surface elevation (m)')
My marker should be placed at -71.2, 111.3, elevation 2690m. My tracks are 121-240 lines long. Will this matter?

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