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saving the data in excel

Asked by phani
on 14 Jun 2012

hi all, i am having a 50 files in which every time i want to read a single file and perform some operations on the data and i get an output of 13x1 matrix i want to save this data in an excel file in sheet 1( i can use xlswrite options), when i am reading the second file it has to store output in sheet 2 automatilcally how can i do this?. i want to run this in a for loop. how to save the each output in different sheet. someone please help me. thanks in advacne.


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Answer by Ilham Hardy on 14 Jun 2012
 Accepted Answer


you can define sheet name on the xlswrite function.

xlswrite(filename, M, sheet)

I can imagine that you can put the integer as (a part of) sheet name


warning off MATLAB:xlswrite:AddSheet

to supress addsheet warning



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hi, thanks for your reply, i don't want to add the sheet number manually every time, i want it to happen in the loop . i am providing the code below

for i=1:1:24
fnamer=sprintf('%s %d%s',fname,i,ext);
% i want to perform some mathematical operations on matrix 'a' , which gives me an output of 13x1 matrix and i want to save this in sheet1 in a excel file. when i value increments to 2 again it will give me a 13x1 matrix as output and i want to save this in sheet2 of the same excel file and as the loop progress i want it to save in the appending sheets.
thank you .

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