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Ren Ren

How to batch editing scope parameters in Simulink with model explorer(Model explorer does not show some properties of Scope)

Asked by Ren Ren
on 23 Jul 2018
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on 23 Jul 2018
I want to disable the datalogging function of scope in one Simulation file. It is time-consuming to modify them manually. One possible way I found is to utilize the Model Explorer in Simulink. It is fine to use this tool to batch editing some block properties. However, specifically for scope, it cannot show some properties of scope I want to modify,e.g., timespan, DataLogging. Is this the bug for Model Explorer or I do something just wrong? Please find the screenshot of my Model Explorer. Thanks.


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Answer by Christopher Wallace on 23 Jul 2018
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I'm not sure about Model Explorer, what version of Matlab are you using? I tried on 2017a and it seemed to work fine.
Another option you could try would be to use 'find_system' to get the handles of all of the scopes and then use 'set' to update the properties for all of the scopes.
rootHndl = get_param(bdroot, 'Handle')
scopeHndls = find_system(rootHndl , 'BlockType', 'Scope')
set(scopeHndls, 'DataLogging', 'on')

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Matlab R2017b
It is weird. Model Explorer does not work for Scope in R2017b. Anyway, another option you mentioned works fine. Thanks so much!

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