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Rewrite a long symbolic fraction with fraction bars so it is more compact

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Nathaniel Werner
Nathaniel Werner on 24 Jul 2018
Commented: Stephan on 24 Jul 2018
I have a symbolic output (see below) that is extremely long, and hard to identify when each set of parentheses begins and stops. Is it possible to rewrite this output so it looks similar (not identical) to a LaTeX or Word fractional equation with fraction bars?
-((T*a_1*sin((k*n*pi)/(z_1 - z_2))*(z_1 - z_2))/(n*pi) + (T*(z_1 - z_2)*(a_0*z_1 - a_0*z_2 - a_1*z_1 + a_1*z_2 - a_0*z_1*cos((k*n*pi)/(z_1 - z_2)) + a_0*z_2*cos((k*n*pi)/(z_1 - z_2)) + a_1*z_1*cos((k*n*pi)/(z_1 - z_2)) - a_1*z_2*cos((k*n*pi)/(z_1 - z_2))))/(k*n^2*pi^2))/(T*(z_1 - z_2))

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 24 Jul 2018
Edited: Stephan on 24 Jul 2018
you can use:
to make it a bit easier reading the equations.
But i would suggest to open a new Live Script, copy the code containing the declaration of the symbolic variables and the equation and run it. Then you get the mathematical expression that you know from LATEX or others and can read your equations normally
Best regards

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