Logging of Merge block Inputs

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BhanuPrakash MVLA
BhanuPrakash MVLA on 28 Mar 2011
Hai, I wanted to log the input signals going to merge block. By default MATLAB does not allow to log the signals going to merge block. Is there any alternate solution to get the signal values of the inputs going to merge block?

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MarkB on 28 Mar 2011
I would recommend putting a "Signal Conversion" (not to be confused with Data Type Conversion) block immediately upstream from each of the Merge block inputs, and then open each Signal Conversion block's dialog and enable the checkbox that overrides optimizations. These blocks essentially "break up the signal" while passing the value through (don't worry, no Unit Delay-style behavior). You should be able to log the signals immediately upstream from each of the Signal Conversion blocks without any issue.
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BhanuPrakash MVLA
BhanuPrakash MVLA on 28 Mar 2011
Thank you for your answer.
But the problem over here is, we will not get the behaviour of the merge, i.e according to the inputs going to the merge block, only one input is changed which gets reflected at the outport of the merge, while all other inputs are kept unchanged (or preferebly empty values). My point is if we use the Signal Conversion, the above property is being lost. I have tried using gain block, which is solving the problem of logging at the cost of logical behaviour of the merge block. I wanted to to have an alternate solution without compramising the merge blocks logical behaviour. Please suggest me if you have any other alternate solution. Anyway, thanks a lot for your answer.

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