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Frequency scaling of audio signals

Asked by Shoaibur Rahman on 4 Aug 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Shoaibur Rahman on 4 Aug 2018
I have an audio signal x[n], whose frequency varies over time. It's FT is X[k]. I want to reconstruct an audio signal (x_hat[n]) from X[k] such that, at any given time:
frequency_of_x_hat[n] = log10(frequency_of_x[n])
i.e. the frequencies are compressed logarithmically. Any idea about how to do this? Thanks.


Then what the problem, implement the statement in the code.
Thanks, Kalyan! I don't know how to implement it. Let's consider the following signal:
% Load a signal y and it's sampling frequency Fs
x = y;
x_hat = ????
How would you do this?

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