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continuos, dicrete or hybrid?

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I have a transient continuous two dof model of a bycicle (inserted as a subsystem in a discrete system). If i want to convert it to continuous, using the model discretizer it converts my two continuous integrators to discrete integrators but the output solution is quite different. After that, reading in the internet i have found that it is possible to model hybrid systems where both continuous and discrete blocks live together. If i use the last approach, should i use anything to convert signal from continuous to discrete and viceversa or does matlab do it automatically? I have read Simulink help about hybrid systems and it does not say how to do it or i have not understood.
Please show me the best option and show me how to model hibrid systems

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Arnaud Miege
Arnaud Miege on 28 Mar 2011
Simulink will probably do it automatically, but a good practice is to use a Rate Transition block. If you are mixing continuous-time with discrete-time in the same model, it's also probably a good idea to use a variable-step solver. Have a look at Modeling Hybrid Systems and Hybrid Systems in the Simulink documentation. Choosing a Solver is probably also relevant.
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Qiaoli Ji
Qiaoli Ji on 21 Jan 2018
Can we use simulink(continuous)+simevents(discrete) to simulate the hybrid system? Thank you.

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