matlab gets stuck while downloading timeseries from

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azim on 10 Aug 2018
Hi all, iam trying to download some historical timeseries from (i have a paid subscription from them for my project work) most of the time it works pretty normally (say around 70% of the time) but then it just gets stuck like the screen does not show any progress and it gets stuck. i have left it for even 30 minutes but no response and when i manually terminate the program it gets stuck on the following line always with the following error:
Operation terminated by user during moneynet/timeseries (line 71)
In xxxmyprogramname (line 30) ad1=timeseries(c,'company symbol',date,interval); In LiveEditorEvaluationHelperESectionEval (line 6) company symbol In matlab.internal.editor.evaluateCode
its never stuck on any other line always on this line. i have written to help to check if there was some type of connection error, but they found none. also this happens 30% of the time and not on always on the same company symbol , so the error is not company specific. any help on the matter would be highly obliged. thanks, azim

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