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resolve numerically non linear equation by matlab (find the root of the equation)

Asked by khouloud abiedh on 12 Aug 2018
Hello guys I need to solve non linear equation numerically by matlab i dont know what is the easiest way or method to find the root can you help me please . I want to solve this equation numerically T is between 10 and 300 I can calculate this equation for every value of T.for example T=10 It mean n(E,10) – (n(E0-x*Kb*10,10)/2)=0 x*Kb*10 is also a constant which i can calculate n(E) – constant =0
E0=1.185eV Ea=E0+0.073 σ=13*10-3 eV Kb=8.62*10-5eV T=10 τtr=0.027ps ;τr=250ps What i need is to find E (which is the root of this equation ) numerically by matlab. and represent E=f(T) in a graph .and thank you in advance.


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