Calculate Running average of large data set

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I have a data structure. I can plot the time vs. temp using this command:
scatter(getcolumn(C{1, 1}(:,[1,6]),1), getcolumn(C{1, 1}(:,[1,6]),2))
The problem is I have so much data, there is a lot of noise. How can I plot the a moving average which uses X amount of points before the current point (and including the current point)

Accepted Answer

Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 17 Aug 2018
Hello Benjamin,
You can use the movmean function to calculate the moving average of the data as follows:
>> M = movmean(A,[kb kf]) %computes the mean with a window of length kb+kf+1 that includes the element in the current position, kb elements backward, and kf elements forward.
Hope this helps.

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