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ismember runs too slow (others have asked similar questions)

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Nathaniel Werner
Nathaniel Werner on 15 Aug 2018
Closed: dpb on 15 Aug 2018
I am trying to use ismember in a long for loop to identify indices shared between arrays. This is pretty similar to a question that was asked here. Hopefully, an answer can be found for my question.
Below is my script that is taking far too long to run. I've included a sample of my workspace with the important variables.
Lcu =length(count_uni);
for i=1:Lcu
count = count_uni(i);
k = find(count_all==count);
% count = 1: 1 unique values
% count = 2: 2 unique values
% etc.
PosAllk = PosAllrep(k,:);
A_allk = A_all(k); PVTr_allk = PVTr_all(k);
count_allk = count_all(k);
if count>1
LPAk = length(PosAllk);
for j=1:LPAk
b = ismember(PosAllrep,PosAllk(j,:),'rows');
Aavg = mean(A_all(b)); Pavg = mean(PVTr_all(b));
g = ismember(PosAlluni,PosAllk(j,:),'rows');
TimeAvg = [TimeAvg;[PosAlluni(g,:),Aavg,Pavg,count]];
TimeAvg = [PosAllk,A_allk,PVTr_allk,count_allk];

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