How can I show a big image to the user, and let him zoom on it to click on specified points?

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Hello I'm showing images (with a huge size) to the user, and he must selct pixels from it. However, selection must be precise and I would allow him to zoom on the shown images to selct the pixels with precision. However, the "zoom on" instruction doesn't work for me. This my code:
fig=figure('Name', 'select Cell pixels', ... 'Position',[1 scrsz(4) scrsz(3) scrsz(4)]); hold on; imshow(IRGB); zoom on; [X,Y]=getpts(fig); close(fig);
Can you help me?? just a note: when I show the image (with imshow()) the user can zoom. After executing the getpts ... the zoom is automatically turned off.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Aug 2018
See my attached zooming demo.
Elena Casiraghi
Elena Casiraghi on 20 Aug 2018
Edited: Elena Casiraghi on 20 Aug 2018
Thanks again for your quick answer, but I already tried and it behaves exactly as getpts. Precisely, when called, ginput() sets the zoom off. Basically, what I need, is the behaviour of the DataCursor that I find in the menu bar of the figure:
Indeed, afetr zooming in and/or out, with the dataCursor I can move in the image and see the position and rgb value of pixels. However, the observed pixels are not recorded. I believe the behaviour of the DataCursor is implemented in the figure class, but I can't find its implementation. How can I modify the dataCursor behaviour do that it returns the coordinates of the pixels observed by the user? Or ... how can I add a further selection tool to the figure menu bar? Do you have any clue?

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