How to draw 3D bar graph of Z for specified value of X and Y.

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Dear all, I want to plot a 3D bar graph for a given X, Y and Z row matrix. Actually I want to plot bar of Z for a specified coordinate of X and Y in X-Y plane. How to plot it please help me

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Dimitris Kalogiros
Dimitris Kalogiros on 21 Aug 2018
Edited: Dimitris Kalogiros on 21 Aug 2018
I thing you should use stem3 command.
Have a look at the following example:
clear; close all; clc;
x = 0:1:10;
y = exp(2:-0.2:0);
stem3(x,y,z, '-b','LineWidth',4);
xlabel('x'); ylabel('y'); zlabel('z');
zoom on; grid on;
stem3() produced "bar like" 3D graphs
Shashibhushan Sharma
Shashibhushan Sharma on 22 Aug 2018
Thank you sir, but still one question arise that why do we not plot it in bar graph.

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Shashibhushan Sharma
Shashibhushan Sharma on 30 Aug 2018
We can plot 3D bar graph in MATLAB for specific values of x and y as:
clearvars;close all;clc; x1=1:10;y1=0:0.1:1;z=zeros(length(y1), length(x1)); for a=1:length(x1) x=x1(a); for b=1:length(y1) y=y1(b); z(b,a)=((1/x)^2)+exp(y); end end bar3( z (:,:,1)); set(gca,'XTickLabel',x1) set(gca,'YTickLabel',y1)

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