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how to scroll a number of graphs from the cell matrix? either GUIDE or is any other technique??

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Ram on 22 Aug 2018
Commented: Walter Roberson on 22 Aug 2018
hello, i have 100cells matrix. each cell has two columns(let say x,y). now i want to show the each cell graph in a scroll bar. my problems is, | should i create seperately 100 graphs or is there any way to get directly plot and showing their max and min values of each cell, while scrolling.|
for example, cells has [500*2],[300*2],[698*2]....till 100 cells. now i want to plot first cell i.e., [500*2] and then find its max and min point. these points are able to appear while scrolling each cell. scroll bar values are size of cell matrix. Is there any way, because i have 100's of cells are there in my matrix. Note:- i have already found each cell max and min points and placed in same file in different column.

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