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how to remove image extension so that only numbered name can be stored in a database

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hp on 9 Sep 2018
Commented: hp on 28 Sep 2018
hi .. i have some features stored in a .mat file, and i want to concatenate numbered image names( without their extension) to the same .mat file. so that i can sort image names along with sorting its numerical features.. how to do plz help? say eg: if a.mat contains features as follows
12 2.3344 3.22 4.22 123.jpg
as i have written this example the mat file contains 5 columns but in fifth column, we have numbered name of an image including its extension i.e. .jpg. how to remove that extension & store only 123 as its name.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Sep 2018
So after you extract the variables from your .mat file, do you have a string '12 2.3344 3.22 4.22 123.jpg'? If so, then do you want to take each number in the string and create a filename from it? Try
% Create sample string.
str = '12 2.3344 3.22 4.22 123.jpg'
% Convert to numbers
numbers = str2num(str(1:end-4))
% Now sort the numbers
sortedNumbers = sort(numbers, 'ascend')
% Now go through, saving files with each number but no extension (which is probably not a wise idea).
folder = pwd; % Wherever you want...
for k = 1 : length(numbers)
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, num2str(numbers(k)))
% Now do whatever you want with that filename
However, I don't see what sorting gets you - not sure why you wanted that. Plus you can use strsplit() and not bother about converting them to numbers. Why do you want them as numbers instead of keeping them as substrings?
Unfortunately you have not read this link and forgot to attach your .mat file. Attach it if you want more help.
dpb on 12 Sep 2018
NB: The usage as a Row Name will require limiting the string to one that is a valid ML variable name.

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hp on 11 Sep 2018
all Image names which are in Images_names.mat file have to copied to the last column of the FEATUREdb.mat and if i apply sortrows ....all columns has to be sorted... plz help...
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hp on 28 Sep 2018
I got answer from Image analyst... using fileparts to extract the filenames -works... thank you...

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