Unable to configure "clock period for FPGA" in System Generator block

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Hi ! I use an Altium Nanoboard 3000, which has an on-board Spartan 3AN FPGA. As support has it, Xilinx 10 to 14.4 alone supports design flows for 3AN. Hence, I decided to install the 14.4 and linked System Generator with MATLAB 2016a (already installed). Please note that I have a 64-bit system with Windows 10 OS.
When I try using the System Generator for my design in MATLAB interface, the blocks work well and smooothly. The ONLY issue is that I'm unable to change the clock timing for the FPGA chip in "System generator block's Clock tab". This tab is frozen. Unable to bring it up. Hence, my design works on a "1 sec" sample time, which is useless. FPGA clock timing would be 50 nano seconds.
Can someone help with this issue? How can I set the FPGA clock timing in System Generator? Is it a compatibility issue? (I was unable to install Xilinx 12.1, 12.4, 14.1 earlier. Could install only Xilinx 14.4).
SUHANYA M S on 25 Mar 2022
I've moved on to the Digilent Nexys A7 board, Surprisingly, the Xilinx blockset in MATLAB didn't list the Artix-7 100T I was using, but had the Artix-7 200T ! So I'm working on the Vivado platform and not the XIlinx bloxkset in MATLAB.

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