Scatter 3 xlsx plot with an irrigular range of dates

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Hello ! I want to scatter an csv file with a colorbar (plot 3 parameters). Fro this purpose I ued this program :
title ('Temp38');
what does'nt work with an error messg "Error using scatter (line 56) Input arguments must be numeric, datetime, duration or categorical." Because the format of the date is like :
  • 2016.03.01 14:39:00
  • The step of the date is one minute, but at some level , the date changes literally like from 2016.03.01 17:40:00 to 2016.03.15 16:43:00 (this is due to an assembly of several files but it does not make problem if there is a possibility to make a regular step)
Here is a photo to show the type of data I have (the rest of the data are numeric) :
And you can find attached the file I want to plot. Any Ideas? I will appreciate your help !

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 11 Sep 2018
T = readtable('1.xls') ;
x = T.(3) ; % longitude
y = T.(2) ; % latitude
c = T.(4) ;
Follow the same with other variables.
Silver on 28 Oct 2018
Hey am back again x) ! I want to change the column names of the table , but when I use this code :
T.Properties.VariableNames = {'Date_Time' 'Latitude' 'Longitude' 'Course' 'Speed' 'Temp_SBE45' 'Cond_SBE45' 'SoundVel_SBE45' 'full' 'pH_SeaFET' 'Saturation' 'Salinity_SBE45' 'Temperature_Optode' 'flow_pCO2' 'pH_Meinsberg' 'Temp_in_SBE38' 'Temp_Meinsberg' 'Oxygen' 'pCO2' 'pressure' 'flow_in' 'flow_main' 'flow_pH' 'Turbidity' 'halffull' 'Chl_a' 'Variance' 'pH_Meinsberg' 'Variance' 'Temp_Meinsberg' 'Variance' 'pH_SeaFET' 'Variance' 'pCO2' 'Variance' 'pressure' 'Variance' 'flow_in' 'Variance' 'flow_main' 'Variance' 'flow_pH' 'Variance' 'flow_pCO2' 'Variance' 'halffull' 'Variance' 'full' 'Variance'}
I always get this error message, I dont understand where the problem lies, I even change the variable name but in vain :
Duplicate variable name: 'Temperature_Optode'.
Do you have any ideas ?

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