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how to append Image names to feature vector file?

Asked by hp
on 11 Sep 2018
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on 28 Sep 2018
Accepted Answer by KSSV
I have FEATUREdb.mat file where in which i have stored 500 rows of features and 121 columns(500X121), now i wanted to append image names at 122nd column to the same database(FEATUREdb).And the Image names I have stored is showing as cell and Featuredb is having double values. and the respective files Iam attaching here ..plz help


"And the Image names I have stored is showing as cell and Featuredb is having double values"
Then they cannot be meaningfully concatenated together (unless you convert their classes to something compatible: as table is one possible option, but I would not recommend anything else).
You could:
  • convert all of the filenames to integers (as interestingly all of the files are named with digits only... but this is a rather fragile solution)
  • Simply include the filenames as their own variable in the .mat file (simple, and easy to get the corresponding values using indexing).
  • Convert to table.
Which would you prefer?
I agreed. Thats why i was thinking to convert image names to integer... and append it. either i can extract its name except its extension do any conersion...thats what my plan is... what you justs sir?

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1 Answer

Answer by KSSV
on 12 Sep 2018
 Accepted Answer

I = load('Image_names.mat') ;
names = I.Image_names ;
[F,N,E] = cellfun(@fileparts,names,'un',0) ;
iwant = str2double(N)
It is better to associate a number to the image, and append it to Feature vector. As the image names have already numbers, just pick them and append them. By the way, your feature vector attached here is of size 1000X121 and image names are 500X1.

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Thank You so worked...

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