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problems with .eps files / matlab figure files

Asked by PAK
on 11 Sep 2018
Latest activity Answered by PAK
on 12 Sep 2018
Hi All,
I have a couple questions detailed below. I am using the command below to save out some polarhistograms to .eps files using the "print" function within a loop.
  1. It saves an .eps file, which I've tried to load and place into Adobe Illustrator CS5. I can edit the 4 quadrants of the polarhistogram grossly, but I'm unable to change things like the color of the bars, text of the figure etc. I realize I can do all of this in Matlab, but normally, I'd like to make small corrections etc in Illustrator for my figure panel.
  2. "print" saves out a matlab figure file (.fig). It will not let me open this .fig file back into Matlab. Any ideas what this could be? I've attached the error message.
I've also attached a link below to the .eps file and .fig file.
Thank you!


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1 Answer

Answer by PAK
on 12 Sep 2018
 Accepted Answer

This was figured out. The flag '-painters' added to the print command fixes these issues.


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