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Circ_Mean Confidence Interval Issues (Circ_Stats toolbox) - Also posted on File Exchange

Asked by PAK
on 12 Sep 2018
Hi All, I have posted this question on the file exchange for Circ Stats as well.
My question - I'm trying to calculate the circular mean and 95% CI of a vector of phase values that go from -pi to pi.
Circ_mean calculates mu fine, but my upper/lower limits return NaNs with the message
Warning: Requirements for confidence levels not met.
> In circ_confmean (line 70)
In circ_mean (line 53)
In Phase_Lock_Recall (line 150)
Would you be able to help with this? Do values need to begin at 0 (so add 2pi to my values)?
Thank you! PAK


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