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Error installing MATLAB2018b on WIndow "The following error was detected while downloading update_ins​taller_win​64_1532732​830.enc: "

Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 18 Sep 2018
Right before installation, I got this pop-up window saying "The following error was detected while downloading update_installer_win64_1532732830.enc: Address family not supported by protocol family: connect Would you like to retry downloading update_installer_win64_1532732830.enc?"
Any solutions?


I see hints that this can happen if you have a misconfigured ipv6 configuration. That is, you might have incomplete ipv6 elements in your network configuration.
There is a Java option to get around this, but at the moment I do not know how to get Java on windows to pay attention to the option.
In the meantime you could go into your network adapter configuration and disable ipv6.

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