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I have a dataset with 24 classes and 4320 samples and i m having program for it. If i use the same program for 68 classes with 4079 images it throws error. what i have to change?

Asked by Shan Sha on 14 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Shan Sha on 4 Oct 2018
It throws error in the following lines:
classIDs(i) = str2num(tline(index+5:end));
the code :
tline = fgetl(fid); % get the number of image samples
i = 0;
while 1
tline = fgetl(fid);
if ~ischar(tline)
index = findstr(tline,'.');
i = i+1;
filenames(i) = str2num(tline(1:index-1))+1;% the picture ID starts from 0, but the index of Matlab array starts from 1
classIDs(i) = str2num(tline(index+5:end));
Tell me what i have to change. I used outex tc 00010 and now I have changed to tc14. Thanks in advance


my actual code is this. please check with this. sorry for the inconvenience mam

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1 Answer

Answer by Dilip Kunderu on 19 Sep 2018

Your 'testTxt' file seems to be empty, leading to the method 'ReadOutexTxt' to break before populating filenames and classIDs.


sorry for the delay sir.please solve the error. I have used outex 14 dataset which i couldn't upload with this
this is the actual code. for this i have downloaded outex tc 14 dataset. sorry for inconvenience. please check with this code

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