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How to write a nested for loop for the case described here?

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Ivy Shen
Ivy Shen on 16 Sep 2018
Commented: Ivy Shen on 16 Sep 2018
Known:Kp(1)=a real value;
Then: x = roots([Kp-1 7.56*Kp -18.12*Kp 9.56*Kp]); (we only need 0<x<1).
T = roots([-0.001273*x+0.00365 0.544*x+44.3191 283338.4*x-407295]);
mu_CO2 = -394088+44.3191*(T-298-T*ln(T/298))-0.0073/2*(T-298)^2-213.984*T;
mu_CO = -110700+29.6127*(T-298-T*ln(T/298))-0.00301/2*(T-298)^2-197.81*T;
mu_O2 = 30.5041*(T-298-T*ln(T/298))-0.00349/2*(T-298)^2-205.31*T;
Kp_new = exp(-(mu_O2+2*mu_CO-2*mu_CO2)/(8.314*T));
Finally, I need to use Kp_new to calculate new x, new T, new mu. The iteration number is supposed to be 20. I will appreciate if someone can help me on this problem!


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Sep 2018
It is not obvious why you would want a nested for loop rather than a single for loop?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Sep 2018
Ivy Shen
Ivy Shen on 16 Sep 2018
Thank you for your suggestion.
I just saw your recommendation on how to make my post readable, so I re-write and post it again. But it was considered as a duplication. Now, I deleted the original problem, and posted a new one again. Hope this time works.
Thank you again!

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