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Which Graphics Card - Geforce GTX1050 or Quadro P1000

Asked by Jamie Beardsall on 16 Sep 2018
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on 16 Sep 2018
I am looking at two laptops/mobile workstations, one with a Geforce GTX 1050 (4GB) and one with a Quadro P1000 (4GB). both have i7-8850H processor and 16GB Ram. Which GPU would be better for use of Matlab?


You need to discuss your gpu use. Do you need single or double precision? How big is your data? Do you need to be able to use a remote access program or is the use entirely local and no virtual machine? Will you have another card running your graphics?
I can’t find anything in this search (link) that directly addresses those two cards. (Your post is the first link that appears.)
However, other relevant GTX — Quadro discussions it found may help you with your decision.
I’m not listing this as an Answer, since it isn’t one.
Are you sure you are specifying the GTX 1050 and not the GTX 1050 Ti? The data I find suggests that you need the Ti to have 4 Gb.

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