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I want to find the solution for the eqautions x^2+y^2==3*x*y^2, x^3-x^2==y^2-y and plot graphs in matlab.

Asked by abcdr
on 16 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by madhan ravi
on 16 Sep 2018
To solve the equations mathematically, the command [solx,soly]=solve(x^2+y^2==3*x*y^2, x^3-x^2==y^2-y) can be used. However, I am unable to plot a graph for 'solx'. Can you please help with the plotting part of both solx,soly.


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1 Answer

Answer by madhan ravi
on 16 Sep 2018

syms x y
[solx,soly]=solve(x^2+y^2==3*x*y^2, x^3-x^2==y^2-y)


Thank you for the answer. If we use 'plot(solx,soly,'ok')', the imaginary part of the equations is ignored. How do we plot the imaginary part? What is the plot for 'solx'?

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