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How to export cell array of strings and doubles in Excel?

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theblueeyeswhitedragon on 20 Sep 2018
I am trying to export a cell array which contains both double and string elements with the xlswrite() function.
All the double elements were exported, but many string elements are missing. For instance, column 3 is supposed to have string elements and the empty cells between aaa and bbb should contain strings too. The size of the array I tried to export through the xlswrite() function is 723 x 25, so I was curious to know what is causing this error. I tested the same function on a smaller sized array m = {1, 'a', 'b';2, 'c', 'd';3, 'e', 'f';4, 'g', 'h'} and all the cell elements were exported in Excel. Is this error related to the size of array?


Guillaume on 20 Sep 2018
Is this error related to the size of array?
No. It's most likely something to do with the structure of your cell array. Maybe your char arrays are wrapped inside scalar cells.
Can you save your cell array in a mat file and attach to your question?
dpb on 20 Sep 2018
As G says, it's owing to the array structure.
>> help xlswrite
xlswrite Write to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.
xlswrite(FILE,ARRAY) writes ARRAY to the first worksheet in the
Excel file named FILE, starting at cell A1.
Input Arguments:
FILE Name of the file to write. ...
ARRAY Two-dimensional numeric or character array or, if each cell
contains a single element, a cell array.
NB: the last restriction on the output ARRAY
theblueeyeswhitedragon on 21 Sep 2018
Yes, there were char arrays wrapped inside scalar cells just like you proposed. This happened when I processed the data and stored in the cell array. Thank you for the feedback.

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